Doing more with less, outdoors. Some years ago I fell in love with backpacking and how it forces one to make do with less, to be more resourceful, and, in short, to simplify. I found these lessons transferring to my personal life as I began prioritizing experiences over consumption more and more. That said, I am truly ashamed at the wanton lust I can harbor for backpacking gear, so I suppose I'll put that sinful obsession to work, hopefully for the greater good. I also write trail reviews and enjoy nature photography, a skill I'm trying to further develop. The occasional "side" obsessions (from banjos to eco-advocacy) may also be indulged from time to time.  

I also have a small, cottage business selling products made from natural ingredients and occasional woodworking projects. It's called Ogdin Folkworks.

Thanks for stopping by the site.

-Dustin Ogdin
 Nashville, TN