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Gear Review: Tinlid Thrive Hat

Tinlid Thrive Hat
I wear baseball caps on the daily, at least until temperatures drop and my trusty collection of brimmed lids are replaced by skull caps for the winter. There is a reason the baseball cap is a staple of American dress and has been for generations. It protects one from the sun in high heat (especially for baldies like me) and holds in warmth when things get a little cooler. The brim shields ones eyes from harsh sunlight or can be reversed to keep sun off the neck when needed. Let's face it, baseball caps also offer a highly functional  and utilitarian way to express a bit of fashion and aesthetic sensibility, too. In the case of the Tinlid Thrive Hat, one has the added advantage of expressing social values in addition to solid, rough hewn style. This is because Tinlid Hat Company was founded with a social mission to have a positive impact on the planet. For every hat sold, the company plants fifteen trees, working in partnership with Trees for the Future, an organization that works to revitalize degraded lands in impoverished areas.

The pencil strap is a great touch.
Nice vegan "leather" strap with brass buckle

The Company
So, Tinlid is a company after my own heart. They have a strong social mission, an independent spirit, and they make outdoor oriented products that seem to equally value style AND function. I find this a rare and winning combination of traits in gear manufacturers. Let's get to the actual hat, however...

The Hat
The author modeling the Tinlid Thrive Hat
The Thrive Hat is a classic kelly green made from sturdy acrylic with a nice weave. I am glad to see the use of this fast drying material for outdoor use. The hat is adorned with a handsome synthetic leather patch with an embossed tree design, in honor of the company's mission to help revitalize lands, I presume. The cap also features a nice looking synthetic leather strap for closure with a brass buckle. I love that the leather is synthetic as I'm allergic to leather. This also makes the cap vegan friendly for those so inclined. Perhaps the coolest feature of the cap is the side strap pencil holder. As a frequent wood worker who often tucks pencils behind my ear, I LOVE this design feature. Great idea, Tinlid! The only thing that doesn't work for me is the very tall, high crown of this cap. I understand what Tinlid is doing here. This gives the cap a cool, retro feel, and embodies what I like about this company - the fact that they value style just as much as function. I suspect for many, this retro feel is precisely why they would love the cap. As a forty three year old man, however, I am generationally biased towards a lower profile crown in my caps (which Tinlid offers in other designs that I hope to acquire.)  Again, this is not a knock against the cap, just a point of personal preference. A good friend of mine (who is twenty six and way hipper than myself) said she liked how the hat added an immediate edge to any ensemble.

So, all in all, the Tinlid Thrive Hat is a beautifully made, well designed cap that marries a rugged outdoor functionality with hip styling AND a social mission. I definitely recommend this cap and look forward to checking out other Tinlid products.

  • Fast drying, well sewn acrylic material 
  • Synthetic leather patch and strap (Vegan-friendly)
  • VERY COOL pencil strap
  • Retro styling
  • $27.99 (at time of publishing)
Where to buy:
Tinlid Hat Company

NOTE: This hat was provided to the author free from the manufacturer for the purposes of review.

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