Monday, September 1, 2014

Tiny Houses Making Big Moves

Back when I started this blog, I was focused primarily on downsizing and simplifying my life. My interest in backpacking was a motivating factor and that obsession took on a life of its own on this site. However, I still want to use this blog to engage with ideas about consuming less and experiencing more. I have long been fascinated by tiny houses and still hope to acquire one someday. It is funny how much correlation I see between backpacking philosophies of doing more with less and a tiny house (sub 200 square feet in many cases) forcing one to do the same in their daily lifestyle. I was talking about this movement from the earliest days of this blog as tiny houses were growing in popularity. Now there seems to be an outright explosion in interest. It only seems appropriate to post about them on Labor Day as "labor" rarely earns one what it used to in times past, and tiny houses are one solution to that economic problem. They also can help address many other issues including environmental problems, overconsumption, homelessness, a transient job market, and more. The infographic below offers a beautifully rendered overview of many of these issues, including how we got to the place where the size of our homes (and the energy it takes to heat and cool them) has grown dramatically even as the size of our families has decreased significantly. Check it out below and thanks to the folks at for creating it, reaching out to me, and offering this info to share.

Less Is More:The Tiny House Movement

Less Is More:The Tiny House Movement
Infographic by CustomMade

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