Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gear Haiku: Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Sawyer Mini Water Filter
Contentment comes when
One treasures what is vital
And removes all else

The Sawyer Mini Water filter is one of those products that became a classic the minute it hit the marketplace. It is small, light, and extremely versatile due to its ability to be used on "disposable" water bottles, the included pouch that comes packaged with the kit, direct from a water source using the included straw, or even inline with a water bladder. Even better, all those residual, nasty, unwanted filtered particles can be removed by back-flushing the filter to give it an absurdly long life span. The Sawyer Mini removes all that you don't want and retains only sweet, vital water.

Click here for my full review of the Sawyer Mini.

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