Friday, September 19, 2014

Gear Haiku: Kuhl Renegade Cap

Kuhl Renegade Cap haiku against waterfall

Kuhl Renegade Cap
Where once there was hair
Only speckled flesh remains
Better hidden now

The Kuhl Renegade Cap is my favorite brimmed hat. As my haiku suggests, it protects and hides my bald nugget from the sun and shades my eyes as well. It is made from a durable and quick-drying soft shell material, and is constructed to fit on and around your skull and not floating atop your head. The quick adjust strap in the back makes it easy to dial in just right. I am also fond of the nice, earthy charcoal grey color (which Kuhl calls "carbon") that blends well with clothes for the trail or the town.

I only write haikus inspired by gear I use, respect, and appreciate having the luxury of owning. I am not paid, compensated, or even given this gear. I purchased all as a regular consumer. I am also not affiliated with any of the retail sites listed below. If that changes in future haikus, I will disclose. 

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