Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gear Haiku: Thrift Store Beanie

thrift store fleece cap

Thrift Store Fleece Beanie
In the women's bin
Unstitch that sewn-on flower?
Secret crossdresser

I found this fleece beanie in the women's bin of a Goodwill thrift store, and it has been on more backpacking, camping, and hiking trips than most any other gear I own. It is a perfect weight and fit; it snugs down fully over ears and even most of my neck; it fits in a pocket and weighs next to nothing. The cap was originally designed with a puffy fleece flower shape sewn on the side. This was removed (only to save weight, of course.) 

I only write haikus inspired by gear I use, respect, and appreciate having the luxury of owning. I am not paid, compensated, or even given this gear. I purchased all as a regular consumer. If that changes in future haikus, I will disclose. 

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