Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gear Haiku: Esbit Pocket Stove

Haiku to Esbit Pocket Stove for backpacking

Esbit Pocket Stove
Most simplicity
Is a distillation of
What once was complex

The Esbit pocket stove is not made of titanium or even aircraft aluminum. In fact, it is the rare ultralight item crafted from good-old humble steel. It is not the lightest or smallest stove available. What is is, however, is incredibly straightforward, durable, easy to use, and exceptionally versatile (you can substitute or enhance its fuel tablets with twigs and other tinder, for instance.) At only about $10 and widely available, it truly deserves the moniker of "classic." 

I only write haikus inspired by gear I use, respect, and appreciate having the luxury of owning. I am not paid, compensated, or even given this gear. I purchased all as a regular consumer. If that changes in future haikus, I will disclose. 

Where to buy (no affiliation or relationship with this site):
REI for $12; or Amazon for $10

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