Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gear Haiku: SmartWool Phd Outdoor Socks

smartwool socks phd haiku

SmartWool Phd Outdoor Socks
Thanks be to the sheep
She hugs on foot so gentle
Immune to the foul

Smartwood Phd Outdoor socks are my hands-down favorite socks because they seem to magically conform to one's foot perfectly; they offer cushion exactly where you need it and stretch exactly where you need it; they are extremely durable; and they don't hold onto stink like those with more synthetic materials. (They are not, however, miracle socks - I said they didn't HOLD stink. I did not say that they will prevent the ubiquitous dirtbag stink.) 

I only write haikus about gear I use, respect, and appreciate having the luxury of owning. I am not paid, compensated, or even given this gear. I purchased all as a regular consumer. If that changes, I will disclose. 

Where to buy (no affiliation with this site):

Bonus tip: Look for supposed "irregulars" at Sierra Trading Post and sign up for their REALLY good email coupons there. I've bought them with zero issues I could find other than an "irregular" stamp that washes off easily. One must assume this speaks to the high level of quality control at SmartWool (or genius machiavellian marketing practices, but I strongly suspect the former.)

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